Passivhaus Certification

Passivhaus is a best practice comfort and energy standard. It underpins all the work KMA undertakes. As a result, in 2021 Kirsty chose to become the first, and currently only, consultant in Scotland who is Passivhaus Certifier trained.

What is certification?

It is a rigorous and independent QA process. Supporting documentation from the design and construction process provided by the design team and contractor is reviewed to assess whether your project meets the standard and will perform as you expect. The Passivhaus Trust has an excellent certification guide.

Why certify your building?

Clients know that they are getting the building they expect that is comfortable and fresh, easy to heat, has a low impact on the environment and, as passivhaus closes the ‘performance gap’, the building will do as it says on the tin. This is becoming more and more important to clients at all scales especially as energy markets become more volatile. Comfort in buildings is something that everyone should be able to take for granted and passivhaus has been shown to deliver this. In different settings this has different benefits. For example, in schools and offices attainment is shown to increase. Certification provides the independent QA that demonstrates a building has been designed and constructed to achieve this and keeps a focus on building performance as part of the wider project process.

Designers gain from the certification process as a second set of eyes to review the project and share their expertise during the design stage with a pre-construction check for peace of mind. Designers can also gain or renew their ‘certified Passivhaus Designer’ certificate by completing a certified project.

Get in touch

Kirsty works as part of the WARM team for certification of projects. Please call us at KMA to discuss passivhaus consultancy and passivhaus certification to see which service is right for your project and we will direct you from there.

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