Gull-wing Passivhaus Farmhouse, Perthshire

With dramatic sweeping roofs floating above the rolling fields and the roofscape tilting up on the west side to the evening light and hill views, this new home is all about the landscape. Nestling within the natural topography and reflected  in the habitat pond, the natural stone walls and zinc roof echo the colours of the ground and sky to create a modern farmhouse that does not bow to convention.

Native tree species will extend the existing woodland to create shelter, manage privacy and frame views to and from the house and grounds. These and the planting in and around the pond provide sanctuary for wildlife. Deer and birds are the most common visitors with small islands being part of the pond to create sanctuary for ducks to stay safe from preying foxes.

As a working farmhouse, a large workshop and garage sits within the fall of the slope on the north side, hidden from view. Long term planning is at the heart of good farm and land management. Designed to be super insulated, detailed for high performance and comfort the energy use of the house is very small and the comfort high.

  • Client:

    Private Client
  • Status:

    Completed 2020
  • Location:

    Powmill, Perthshire
  • Energy Use:

    Passivhaus 'Low Energy' House. Modelled as 27kWh/m2.a space heating, 15W/m2 heat load and 65kWh/m2. a primary energy.
  • Categories:

    PassivHaus, New Build

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